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Social Security Process


Mission & Philosophy

We are Social Security Disability Advocates. As a non-attorney representative, our primary focus is to process your claim as fast as possible by working closely with you and your doctor. We also offer additional services such as: 

· Presentations & Seminars

· Consulting

We are a highly experienced company. My representation starts at time contract is submitted and signed. I believe that a client is not a number, but rather a unique and special individual. I am committed to helping those in need re-establish their benefits again. That is why I focus primarily on Social Security Disability Overpayment Law. 

As a non-attorney advocate, I started this company to give a voice to the severely disabled community. Being a recipient of Social Security Disability(SSDI) and State Department of Rehabilitation client, I know how frustrating life can be to have a disability and being on SSI/SSDI to have your benefits cut off. The rules that the Social Security Administration has in place is extremely complex. Dealing with CDR & Overpayment Cessation is even more daunting than the initial SSI/SSDI claim.

The post disability claim is even more crucial where you need a representative who knows Social Security Disability Overpayment Law. Without having a trained representative on your side to affectively advocate on your behalf, you will almost be underserved in paying more money back than you should have. 

I chose this area of specialization because many advocates are staying away from aspect of Social Security Disability Benefits. One reason is why is that SSA does not pay representatives, secondly is that the claimant has to pay full payment upfront at each level.