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Social Security Process



Educational Seminars for Qualified Groups


Education is the key to understanding your rights. Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDB) is a complex topic ranging from many areas and crosses into many professions. With this-many factors affect your ability to receive and maintain your benefits. Baywide Disability has developed a presentation in better understanding the SSDB process. We have presented presentations to various groups. This presentation is helpful to various medical office staff members, hospital staff members, support groups, senior facilities, educational institutions, mental health professional groups, and insurance companies which deal with disabled individuals.


During the presentation we discuss misconception of Social Security and provide actual facts that are true. BD wants everyone to understand what SSDB are available to qualified disabled individuals and their families.

To take advantage of these services feel free to email or call (916)696-7961.  We service all businesses such as profit, non-profit and all government agencies.  We have reasonable prices.

· Continuing Disability Review(CDR)

· Initial SSI/SSDI Claims

· Student Loan Discharge

· Post-Eligibility Claims

· Consulting

· Seminars, Workshops

· Presentations

· Ticket To Work 

Should you want to schedule a presentation, seminar or workshop on topics below, call to schedule an event 

· IRWE & Blind Expenses

· SGA & Work 

· Preparing for your SSI/SSDI Interview

· Social Media & SSDB

· Auxiliary Benefits

· Assets

· Overpayments

· Understanding SSI/SSDI Offsets

· Continuing Disability Review

· Consultative Exam Issues

· Representative Payee Responsibilities 

· How SSA GRID Rules are applied to a 

 disability claim 

· SSI/SSDI Offsets H